Report about the socio-economic situation of Wielkopolskie Voivodship in 2012

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Date of publication: 16.05.2013

Report on the socio-economic situation of Wielkopolskie Voivodship in 2012 is a second edition of a publication presenting a comprehensive overview of the latest statistical data about the region. Using figures, charts, cartograms, as well as analytic description, the report provides an insightful look at the socio-economic situation of the voivodship, along with major phenomena and trends in that period.

The report is divided into 13 thematic sections in order to order and systematize the information about a wide range of issues recorded in Wielkopolskie Voivodship. In order to provide a wider context, data about Wielkopolska are compared with those for the whole country and other voivodships. Where possible, current data are contrasted with data going as far back as 2005 to provide a historical perspective of the changes taking place in the region. The description of the demographic situation is based on the 2011 Census. All economic data, grouped by type of activity, are presented according to the Polish Classification of Activities (PKD 2007).

Considering the positive reception of the last edition of the Report, I hope that its current edition will also meet readers’ expectations as a source of knowledge about the social and economic development of Wielkopolskie Voivodship.


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