Report on the socio-economic situation of Wielkopolskie Voivodship 2023

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Date of publication: 28.04.2023

The Statistical Office in Poznań presents the next edition of the Report on the socio-economic situation of the Wielkopolskie Voivodship, which includes a wide range of statistical information about the level of its development and the main trends that can be observed.

In addition to presenting aspects related to demography, environment, society, economy and local government, for the first time the Report includes a chapter on spatial planning and revitalization, with data covering a period since 2015, enabling readers to observe the intensity and directions of changes that took place during that time. Moreover, to provide a broader context for analysis and evaluation, selected statistical data are also compared with corresponding figures for the country and the other voivodships.

The main part of the report consists of analytical commentary, supplemented by statistical tables as well as charts and choropleth maps, which help to capture spatial relationships between statistical information.

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