Tourism in Wielkopolskie Voivodship in years 2010–2013

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Date of publication: 27.08.2014

This publication, prepared within the editorial series Statistical information and elaborations presents basic statistical data concerning tourist infrastructure in the Wielkopolskie Voivodship and its exploitation in years 2010–2013. A similar elaboration published in the past concerned the years 2002–2005, but due to changes in methodology and scope of data presentation, this edition, however, cannot be regarded as a simple continuation of that previous one.

The characteristics of tourist accommodation establishments concerned earlier only collective accommodation facilities. Now, to adjust the used methodology to the requirement of the new legislation of the European Union concerning the statistics of tourism, also rooms for rent and agrotourism lodgings – i.e. individual accommodation facilities – were included into analysis. Since 2010, these facilities have an obligation to provide relevant monthly reports.

In this publication, characterizing the development of tourism in years 2010–2013, first time a trial of description of all (collective and individual) tourist accommodation establishments which is available in the Wielkopolskie Voivodship was taken, assessing the condition of infrastructure, possibilities and intensity of its exploitation as well as the level of interest of tourists, of which foreign. In the analysis of spatial diversification of the tourist potential indices of intensity characterizing level of tourist management and intensity of tourist movement were applied. In this publication an information concerning tourist trails and qualified tourism collected by the Polish Tourist Country-Lovers Association was also presented.

The publication consists of general and methodological notes as well as descriptive and tabular parts. In the notes basic notions, definitions and methodology of relevant surveys were presented. A synthesis contained in description of the results of surveys was supplemented by graphical illustration. In the tables the collected data were presented in the cross–section by subregions, powiats and gminas; some information was presented on the background of the country and remaining voivodships.