Demographic situation of Wielkopolskie Voivodship in 2020

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Date of publication: 30.07.2021

The publication entitled ”Demographic situation of Wielkopolskie Voivodship in 2020” appears in the series Statistical analyses for the second time. In terms of its scope, structure and form of presentation, the study continues the format of the previous edition.
The major part of the review consists of the analytical commentary which covers a variety of demographic issues such as the current population and its distribution in the voivodship, basic population structures, the aging process, vital statistics, migration and demographic dynamics. The study was enriched by maps and charts illustrating of the various phenomena and trends. A summary of the most important demographic data is provided in the tabular part of the study in Excel format.

A complement to this year’s edition is the presentation of data using the degree of urbanization defined by Eurostat (Degree of Urbanization – DEGURBA). In addition, the analysis regarding the phenomena of the ageing population was extended to include the intergenerational support indicator and furthermore a group of people aged 85 and more is described in detail. Moreover, the migration attractiveness index was included in the description of the population movement.