How to order data?

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Statistical information can be obtained by:

  1. filling in an electronic Data ordering form
  2. contacting directly or by phone the Statistical Information Service
  3. submission of a written order

Statistical Office in Poznan
ul. Wojska Polskiego 27/29
60-624 Poznan


Fax: +48 61 279 81 00

The order should contain the following:

  • thematic scope of the required data or a specific indicator,
  • territorial scope,
  • time series data,
  • full name and address and phone number of person ordering.

Orders are accepted for:

  • unpublished statistical data,
  • data from the REGON register,
  • extended range of TERYT register - systems SIMC, BREC and NOBC.

Scope and form of making information available

The scope and the form of the statistical information provided are determined by the Statistical research program approved annually by the Council of Ministers.

The information is made available in the form of:

  • publications (studies, publications),
  • press releases and information placed in mass media,
  • information provided directly by phone or by correspondence,
  • orders realized on individual request,
  • information placed on the Internet.

All other aggregations of statistical data, apart from those listed in the Program, can be executed (while maintaining statistical confidentiality) on request of the recipient for payment.

Additional information:

According to the act on public statistics of 29 June 1995. (Journal of Laws No. 88, item.  439, as amended) The Central Statistical Office provides:

  • equal
  • simultaneous
  • equivalent access to statistical information

All information obtained from the research carried out under the program of statistical surveys are official public statistics data, regardless of who leads it. Individual and personal data collected and stored in statistical surveys of official statistics are confidential and subject to special protection. The term personal data and individual data should be understood as:

  • personal information is data on natural persons that concern their living and their physical situation. They are always on a particular person (Article  5 Paragraph  1 of the law on public statistics).
  • individual data - data on economic entities, other legal persons and organizational units without legal personality and their activities. They relate to a specific subject (article 5 (1) of the Act). 5 Paragraph  1 of the act).

These data can be used only for studies, and statistical analysis and for creating by the services of the public statistics the sampling frame for the survey carried out by these services. Sharing or use of individual data and personal data for other purposes is prohibited, they are protected by statistical secrecy (article. 10 of the law). Aggregated data may not be published or shared either if it was possible to identify, on their basis, the data relating to specific individuals or economic entities. This means that it is not allowed to share data describing the results of the economic activity of business entities, if the data aggregation consists of less than 3 entities or share of a single entity in the compilation is greater than three-quarters of total.