Demographic changes in Wielkopolskie voivodship in 2010–2015

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Date of publication: 30.06.2017

The publication Demographic changes in Wielkopolskie Voivodship in 2010–2015 is an analysis of the situation of the voivodship’s population and a description of demographic processes over a period of several years to highlight the intensity and directions of ongoing transformations and trends. This book contains a rich set of information about the state of the population, its spatial distribution, basic demographic structures, the ageing process, vital statistics, migration as well as demographic activity. The territorial variation of the demographic phenomena is presented across lower level units (powiat – NUTS4 and gmina – NUTS5) using indices of intensity and selected demographical typologies. The most recent data are compared with past data starting from 2000; this information supplemented with a population projection until 2050.

By: Voivodship, powiats, cities with powiats rights, voivodship against the background of Poland