Agriculture in Wielkopolskie Voivodship in 2014

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Date of publication: 29.07.2015

The publication Agriculture in Wielkopolskie Voivodship is a periodical study. The present edition of the publication provides a complex description of  agriculture in Wielkopolskie Voivodship in 2014. The comparison of the current results with data from previous years enables to trace the direction of ongoing changes and the level of achieved development.

The present issue contains basic information concerning results of the agricultural production as well as of production and economic conditions of this sector of the economy. The results obtained were based on the collective output of reports, sample surveys, agricultural censuses, estimates and assessments made by experts.

The publication consists of general notes, an analytical commentary and a table part. In the general notes, basic definitions and notions connected with agricultural statistics were described. The results of comparative analysis of agricultural output in Wielkopolskie Voivod- ship were presented in the commentary. These results, including the breakdown by sectors, were compared with the whole country and previous years’ outputs. The table part contains information on land use, crop output, farm animal stocks, animal production, procurement of agricultural products, prices of agricultural products and factors of development of agricultural production.